5 reasons to join Libreria!

  1. It’s economical
    Unless you have a money tree in your backyard, you can’t buy every book that catches your eye:) But you can borrow them though:( Do the math: Yaa Gyasi’s “Homegoing” and Zinzi Clemmons “What We Lose” sell for £6.29/$11.21 and £12.38/$16.67 respectively. And that’s without postage! If you sign up to our top-level Bookworm membership in December, you can borrow eight books a month for 112 GHS. That’s 14 GHS a book! (Or £2.28/$3.07). Even with our Borrower membership at 75 GHS a month for four books a month, you still pay just 18.75 GHS per book, or 25 GHS per book on our Browser membership of two books a month for 50 GHS a month. It’s a no-brainer!
  2. It’s mind-expanding
    Because you’re not spending your hard-earned cash to buy the books, you have the freedom to experiment and choose books you wouldn’t otherwise read. Be bold! You’ve nothing to lose. You may discover writers and genres you like and open up yourself to whole new worlds, or you can return the books you don’t like and swap them for something you do. Go wild without risking a cedi!
  3. It’s convenient
    Once you’ve paid for your subscription, you get access to the full library online so you can search for books, borrow books, and reserve books that are already on loan all from the comfort of your own home. And if you don’t want to visit the library in West Legon to collect your books, you can have them delivered to you in Accra by courier for a small fee. It’s a win-win!
  4. It’s a community
    When you join Libreria, you don’t just join a library; you become part of a literary family, a community of #100readers. We organise and host a range of member events including author talks, debates, lectures, screenings, and spoken word/live performances. In addition, members can request books for when we do our quarterly stock purchases and we will do our best to fulfill them. They can also put themselves forward to join our advisory group, and help shape the future of Libreria and its growth.
  5. It’s the future, now
    Gone are the days of the musty old library with outdated, moth-eaten books. Libreria is the present and future of books in Ghana. New releases, classics, fiction, and nonfiction are all featured on Libreria’s shelves with not a moth or a mouse in sight! We’re online, we’re mobile, and we know and love books. We are the present and the future of reading in Ghana. Join us!

To make the most of all this goodness and become a member, visit libreriagh.com today!

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